Majors & Concentrations


The Orfalea College of Business has three majors,  nine concentrations, and three minors. To find out more information about these majors and their curricula, click below.

Business Administration and Economics Concentrations

A concentration is a group of courses designed to provide specialized knowledge within a bachelor’s degree program. Completion of a concentration will be noted on the student’s transcript, but not shown on the diploma.

Concentration information can be found by clicking on the links below. It is important to know your concentration and major advisors. You can find their names, office and telephone numbers by clicking Faculty Area Chairs.

For Business Majors:

Business students must declare and follow concentrations that are listed for their catalog year.


For Economics Majors:

Economics majors do not need a to choose a concentration but they can if they choose. If they choose to, students must declare and follow concentrations that are listed for their catalog year. Students who choose not to declare a concentration must fulfill the requirements of General Economics: Complete at least 8 units 300-400 level ECON coursework plus any 20 units of coursework at 300-400 level.Note: Students on the 2011-2013 catalog CANNOT declare an Individualized Course of Study.

Concentration Declaration

After choosing a concentration, it is important to declare and begin taking courses as soon as possible. Concentration course offerings are dependent upon the number of students in that concentration. Scholarships, jobs, and internship opportunities for each concentration are made available for students once you have declared.

Major & Concentration Information

Flowcharts, Tentative Course Offerings & Career Information
Here you can find information on your concentration for the current catalog.

Concentration Flowchart Tentative
Course Offerings
Career Information
Quantitative 2017–2019
Real Estate 2017–2019
Accounting 2017–2019 2016-2017 2015–2017
Entrepreneurship 2017–2019 2016-2017 2015–2017
Finance 2017–2019 2016-2017 2015–2017
Information Systems 2017–2019 2016-2017 2015–2017
Industrial Technology 2017-2019
Management & HR 2017–2019 2016-2017 2015–2017
Marketing 2017–2019 2016-2017 2015–2017
Consumer Packaging 2017–2019 2015–2016 2013–2015